What is Theraplay?

How does Theraplay differ from other types of child therapy?

It directly involves the parents or caregivers
It is active, interpersonal and fun — not "talk therapy"
Progress can be made quickly
It is based upon attachment theory — the idea widely accepted by experts that the parent-child relationship is at the core of healthy development
It focuses on the "here and now", not what happened in the past
Because it does not involve verbal or symbolic understanding, it can be used with very young children or children with developmental delays
The "Theraplay way" flows easily from the clinical setting to the home for long-term results
Theraplay treatment is appropriate for all ages — infancy through adolescence

Reasons to Seek Theraplay Treatment

Theraplay has been used successfully to help children with a wide variety of problems:


Acting-out, angry or disruptive behavior
Defiant or controlling behavior
Shy, withdrawn, or clingy behavior
Attachment issues due to adoption or multiple family placements
A history of trauma or neglect
Development disorders (Asperger's Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorders)
Behavioral problems at school or with peers

Most importantly, if you feel stuck in a negative dynamic with your child, feel helpless to deal with your child's challenges, or despairing of ever having a normal, healthy relationship with your child — you can greatly benefit from Theraplay.