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About me

Hi! I'm Amanda. I am a clinical marriage and family therapist and I absolutely love being a therapist, meeting new people, and hearing their stories.  I love the constant challenge of meeting each client where they are at, right in that moment of life, and helping them find hope for something different.  Therapy takes a commitment; both from my clients and also a deep commitment from myself to be connected, accepting and responsive to your needs.  I believe in educating my clients, because the more you know about what is contributing to the issues you are experiencing, the better resourced you are to make the change and keep it from occurring again in the future.  I naturally use humor, analogies, and metaphors in therapy as well as in life.  I don't do anything to my clients, that I have not done to myself, including, sitting in the client chair for my own EMDR, hypnotherapy, brainspotting etc. therapy sessions.  I (being human) have my own struggles and if I believe that therapy can create profound change in my clients lives, then surely this would also apply to me.  And good news!  It has worked, and is still working!

I am deeply passionate and well-educated in what I do.  I love learning as much as I love educating my clients.  This means that I attend a multitude of training's throughout the year to promote my own change and growth as a therapist.  I never want to stop learning or feel like "I have it all figured out".  There are always new ways that we can change and become better versions of ourselves.

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